Rob - Artistic Stylist

Rob Artistic Stylist
Artistic Stylist


Raised on a dairy farm in rural Wisconsin, I am accustomed to hard work, and doing what it takes to achieve a solid days work. Spending many years in the sales and customer service oriented work has given me the passion for pleasing people. With a talent for art, and wanting people to genuinely be happy, and feel their best, as well as being raised by a mother who was a hair stylist, I found myself always thinking about a career in the beauty/hair industry. At 40 years old, facing a layoff, a mortgage, and family to take care off, I made the decision to go back to school and pursue my dreams. 13 years later I am so happy and proud of my decision to become a stylist, and my accomplishments as a stylist, and love to extend that passion to my clientele.

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