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Bob vs Lob

Bobs are the “It” haircut in Hollywood. The minute a celebrity makes the cut, everyone runs to their salon, but is this really the trend for you? Or, rather, do you fall into the lob category, longer and sophisticated versions of this trendy style. Let’s discuss the main attributes to each cut….

HALOCOUTURE extensions

Long, beautiful hair is the trend this summer. Braids, beach waves and luscious curls are everywhere. Growing your locks to this length can be a challenge, and a lot of maintenance. That is why we chose to start carrying Halocouture extensions…


A lot of clients ask what the difference is between a balayage and an ombré. Both are common styles involving lightening ends, however, there is a difference. An ombré involves lightening the bottom portion of a clients hair, ….

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Summer is here and in full swing. You might be deciding what events will take place on your busy days, but first, you must decide what to do with your luscious locks.