Happy Valentine’s Day! 💞❤️🥰🤟💌

For the rest of this week we are offering 14% off all Duncan Edward products and all sitch products!! Come and grab yours this week! 🤩🤩

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Check out this Bioprogramming Babe 😍

Bioprogramming devices are in a league of there own:

✅Provide a treatment while styling your hair
✅Will never cause damage to your hair
✅Guilt free heat styling
✅Reverse previous damage
✅Reduce frizz and breakage
✅Increase shine and moisture
✅No thermal protectant required
✅The more you use them the healthier your hair will become🙌🏻

We are the only Bioprogramming salon in WI.
Please give us a call or stop in to try our devices or ask for Albage Platinum programming!

Anyone is more than welcome to check them out:)

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We’re having a sale on our J Beverly Hills products! When you buy an everyday shampoo and conditioner together, you get an everyday spray FREE! 🎉🎉

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Guys… I’m obsessed with albage!!
Wondering what albage is? Let me tell you!
Albage 107D is a platinum programmed lightener! It is not a traditional bleach! Using Albage will get you more shine, less frizz, and your hair will continually feel better over time! Yes, a lightener that will make your hair healthier while using it. I know, I know, I sound insane but trust me once you try it, you will understand.
She was styled with all bioprogramming devices after a full head of albage foils! My bioprogrammed treatment devices will never cause heat damage, increase shine and moisture and you can heat style your hair guilt free! Guys I’m OBSESSED! Ask me about all of this at your next appointment and I’ll show you why I love these so much!! 🤍🤍

Colored by Chloe @cnh_hair

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The struggle is real 🫠 ...

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Duncan Edward! ❄️💙 ...

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We’re preparing for the next couple of crazy weeks! Book with us to get any last minute appointments in!

hair by @izabel.thestylist

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Happy Thanksgiving to our Duncan Edward team and to our amazing clients. We are very thankful for you all! ...

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Im demonstrating the improvement these devices can do to your hair.

The 3D is currently on sale for $260 each or a bundle for $650!
All other products 25 percent off through Friday!

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Call (608)662-9010 to book before the holidays! ...

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Happy Birthday to Duncan Edward’s owner & stylist, @katelincarson!!

I hope you’re soaking up the sunshine in FL☀️

The salon wouldn’t be the same without you and your lively energy you bring 🫶🏼

We all love you lots!

Your Duncan Edward Team 🤍🤍

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What? A device that would never burn your hair?! No…


3D Bioprogramming devices are on sale! Perfect for HOLIDAY GIFTS!

✅ Will NEVER cause damage
✅ Guilt free heat styling
✅ Reverse previous damage
✅ Reduce frizz and breakage

The 3d bioprogramming treatment devices: Repronizer 3D, hairbeauron 3D curl/straight are being discounted at $40 off! Which comes out to the price of $260!

The 3D Bioprogramming devices are being discontinued as the company is advancing their technology with upgraded versions!

That being said, they won’t be available for long and we are putting an order in!

Call the salon at (608)662-9010 if you want one!
Or send us a DM!

Let me tell you a little bit about them:
The 3D devices contain the same
Bioprogramming technology but at a much lower density. They will NEVER cause damage to the hair however, they won`t improve it as fast. They are ideally recommended for people that already have healthy hair and don`t want to cause any damage when heat styling.
A 3D treatment device is still significantly better for your hair than any "styling tool" out there.

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One of our eco-friendly products on our shelves!
Feel free to ask our stylists to try it out on you when you come in for an appointment 🙂


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Happy Halloween from the Duncan Edward Team!!🎃🫶🏼

Ridin’ into the week in our biker outfits! 🏍️

Don’t forget to book your appointments for the holidays, it’s getting busy! 🙂

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The Duncan Edward team wants to give you a heads up to book your holiday appointments today. Please give the salon a call at (608)662-9010 or book online
We look forward to seeing you😄

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We would like to introduce you to our
newest stylist Izabel. She just graduated from the Aveda Institute and will be training with Hayley and
Katelin until she goes on the floor. We are so excited for her to join our team.
Welcome Izabel ❤️ @izabelpaape @styledby_izabel

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Even though both sides look great. Left side taken March 2023 used regular styling tools. Right side August 2023 only styled with Bioprogramming devices the Repronizer 27d and Hairbeauron 27d curl. She has not had her hair colored since March yet look at the shine ✨ on the right side 🙌🏻 both done by stylist Hayley

Beauty devices :
✅Not your average “styling tools”
✅They will never cause heat damage
✅Increase shine and moisture
✅Provides a treatment while styling the hair
✅Guilt free styling
✅Repairs previous damage
✅Reduce frizz and breakage
✅Enhance hair color
✅No thermal protectant required
✅The more you use the devices the healthier your hair will become

Zoom in at look the ends left vs right. 🤯🙌🏻

@beautytechdistribution @duncanedwardhairdesign @hairbycaitlyn @katelincarson @hayleypairama @cnh_hair @kjafferis

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