Duncan Edward is an American salon infused with British style. Founders- England’s Duncan and Gillian Cairns- fell in love with Madison in 1989 and have been sharing their Brit style and experience with the city ever since.

It’s all in a name…

Salon founder, Duncan Edward Cairns, is named after British soccer player Duncan Edward. Edward was a famous soccer player who was killed in the 1958 Munich Air Disaster at just 21 years old. Edward played soccer for both Manchester United and the England team. Edward was a giant in terms of his talent and ability and remains a legend to this day.


One Name
(You can trust.)

Meet our beautiful new line of hair care products. We loved them enough to give them our name. That’s right! These are our very own products made with prestige formulations of Biomineral Technology including, quinoa, pumpkin seed, and silk proteins.

No, we didn’t all take night courses to get our chemistry degrees and we certainly didn’t whip these up in our bathtub!

“What we did do is go right to a major manufacturer who works behind the scenes with many of the top brands in the industry and carefully selected formulas that we are proud to call our own.”

Mission Statement

To make all our clients look good and feel good, we are committed to excellence customer service, team work, honesty and integrity. Our clients are the most important people in our business.

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I am now done searching!

It took a year to find a stylist in Madison, I am now done searching! You are it!

Ryan Wood

Great service, awesome stylists

I never liked getting my hair cut growing up so it’s been a once a year operation, but for the past eight + years I’ve been going to Duncan Edward and have walked out extremely satisfied each time. Even after living out of state, I make sure to schedule an appointment when I’m back in the area because no other hair cut can compare. To sum up – great service, awesome stylists, and a wonderful atmosphere even for those who were weary of their trek to the hair salon.

Hannah F

I highly recommend it to anyone

Duncan has cut my hair the past couple of years and it’s been an excellent experience each time. Duncan Edwards is a welcoming family-owned business. Duncan is knowledgeable and experienced and has the patience to pass tips on to me so doing my own hair is easier and successful. I have thick hair, mostly straight hair with a little curl here where I wished I didn’t have curl so I’ve appreciated everything he’s taught me. I get compliments on my hair and that makes me feel more confident and satisfied with it — priceless! I found his salon by asking women “on the street” where they got their hair cut if I liked how theirs looked and the majority of people said Duncan Edwards so I went and it exceeded my hopes. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Marti Sopher

Would never go elsewhere!!

I’ve been going here for years and can only say positive things about it! Have had at least two different people cut/and or color my hair. Absolutely no complaints. The way my hair is cut (very short) can only be done by someone with a lot of training and experience. Would never go elsewhere!! And the owners and their adult children are extremely friendly and professional

Peggy Zimmerman
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