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B.Tiff New York Jewelry

The true gift of B.Tiff Jewelry: Its luxury you will wear every day! Elegant stainless steel designed with the Signity Star man made diamond. Sparkles from early wake up call to dinner under the stars! So gorgeously affordable, you can collect the whole set. Shine on!

B Tiff New York specializes in Tension Set Jewelry made by Stainless Steel with both finest Signity Star and Diamond. Tension Set is a high technology jewelry where the stone is set purely by pressure and tensioned within metal.
Signity Star is a type of man made diamond from the Swarovski Gem, has a lifetime warranty of never getting cloudy, even in the shower, pool or spa!
Stainless Steel is nickel free, will not tarnish, deform, nor oxidize from everyday use and it is one of the top new trends in the jewelry market today. B Tiff also has Tungsten and Ceramic jewelry,both are scratch resistant and never need to be re-polished.

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